Former Korn drummer begged for his job back with video message

Posted by on March 3, 2015

Last week, it was reported that founding Korn drummer David Silveria was suing the band for not taking him back in 2013. Now, thanks to documents unearthed by the Courthouse News Service, we’re finding out more about his attempt to return to the band. He’d left in 2006, claiming that it was a temporary hiatus, but in 2013, with the 20th anniversary of the band looming, he sent a video appeal to the four members in the band asking them to accept him back:

  “In or around summer of 2013, primed and ready to make music once again, Silveria personally reached out to Schaffer, Arvizu, Davis and Welch via video message, expressing his desire to return to the band in order to reunite all founding members of Korn, and to set aside any old grudges that may have existed in the past,” Silveria says in his complaint.

Obviously, Korn opted not to have him return to the band, having manager Peter Katsis let him know that he wasn’t welcome in the band. After pleading for fans to ask for his return, Silveria then went on the offensive in interviews, talking shit about “Never Never,” talking about how the band’s sound changed, and ultimately calling Fieldy a “cowardly little bitch.” That’s not a great way to get yourself back into a band. He may have a legal right to some of the money the band’s made, but that’s up to a team of lawyers, and it’ll probably play out in court a lot less dramatically than it has from the headlines on websites like this one. Unless, of course, that video of him begging for his job back surfaces.

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