Behemoth taking break while Nergal works on solo album

Posted by on March 5, 2015

Last year’s The Satanist might have been Behemoth’s finest hour. And it’s a good thing it was such a solid album, because it might be all we’ll be hearing from the band for a while. While frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski has said in the past that the band could break up at any second, in an interview with Florida’s Broward/Palm Beach New Times, he reiterated that at the very least, they’ll be taking some time off before following up The Satanist:

“Well, like anything, I think the future is good with thrills and… options. I’m not really counting on my future further than the touring cycle goes these days. That’s really it. We’re going to surprise people with some amazing projects in the coming months, but there’s no new record in sight, to be honest. I don’t know even when or where we’ll start working on it — it’s in the last position on my list of priorities.”

And while none of those projects have a name yet, he does state further in the interview that he’s currently working on a solo project. When pressed further as to what a Nergal solo project would sound like, it seems like you can expect more Burzum than Mayhem:

Very stripped down and simple. The most primitive, acoustic-based stuff. That’s what I’m really into.

It’ll certainly be interesting to hear what he comes up with. At the very least, if Behemoth does disband, they’ve gone out at the top of their game. It’d be hard to imagine them fully calling it quits, though. After all Nergal’s been through, he deserves a break.

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