While the members of As I Lay Dying have yet to officially announce what they’re doing in the wake of singer Tim Lambesis being found guilty of hiring a hitman to kill his wife, for the last three days, the band, sans Lambesis, been releasing snippets of video via their Instagram accounts. They’re back at it again today, with four more pieces of content from Nick Hipa, Tim Sgrosso Jordan Mancino and Josh Hamilton. In addition, the snoops at theprp.com found that Nick Hipa registered a domain name for a project called Worshipper this past July. Given that it looks like there’s a “W” in the logo, it can be assumed that the project might be called Worshipper, but that’s all conjecture at this point. Regardless, here are the latest videos from the four members.

Nick Hipa:

Phil Grosso:

Josh Gilbert:

Jordan Mancino: