Wes Borland Hates Dream Theater, But Loves The Human Abstract

Posted by on April 23, 2012

If you have been following the Twitter-sphere recently, then you probably know that Wes Borland has been ruffling a lot of prog metal fans’ feathers. More specifically, the Limp Bizkit guitarist took to his Twitter account this past weekend to express his hate for Dream Theater. In fact, Borland even went as far as to claim that Dream Theater can’t write songs.

Before you start to think that Borland is a hater of all things technical, though, you might be surprised to hear who he is a fan of. In two separate tweets, Borland further commented on the new war he created against Dream Theater fans by saying:

“I’m having post smack talking guilt about DT, (even though I still think it’s funny)

No band should be heckled for being themselves, I just prefer @humanabstract when it comes to ripping prog metal”

The guitarist of Limp Bizkit is a fan of The Human Abstract, eh? We may not agree with his Dream Theater comments, nor do we deny that we’ve trashed Bizkit a lot (which even he admits he’s used to). However, at least Borland has some good tastes in music. Now if only he could apply those tastes to Limp Bizkit, instead of collaborating with Lil Wayne. And it’s also important to know that the guy trashing Dream Theater is behind this.

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