So… DJ Lethal’s Back In Limp Bizkit?

Posted by on October 15, 2012

DJ Lethal’s exit from Limp Bizkit was made quite public and turned pretty ugly. However, it now appears that both sides have made amends, with the turntablist back in hell in the group.

Lethal admitted his “wrong doing” via numerous posts on his Twitter account last week (October 10), saying:

“I want to clear the air about limp bizkit. I have had some personal issues over the last few years that have led to some outbursts. I lot of the things I said about the band and fred was out of pain and anger. None of which I really meant deep down inside. So I think I owe it to fred,Wes,sam and john and the fans to really admit the truth. I had some problems. Be it partying on the road. Talking shit when I was drunk and causing internal conflicts. Today is the day that I can finally be a man and step up and say I’m sorry

The rants are done. And were really embarrassing. I think the guys in the band were actually looking out, I really needed a wake up call. So to finally come clean is really hard but the weight of the world on my shoulders is even harder to carry around. I’m in a great place now and want to thank everyone who had my back through the dark times. So to all the fans and the band. I really was fkd up for a while. I’m sorry. Fred and the band are great people. We’re all human. All love!!

Feels great to finally step up to the plate. I hope we can resolve our issues because I miss my friends and band mates. FC Ty for his help. The guys in our band are true gentlemen. Giving me a second chance after the stupid shit I talked and the way I acted really shows class.LBF Now it’s time to step up to the plate and I’m hitting this ball out of the park. I was wondering how it would To be back. AMAZING!grateful”

As The PRP points out, guitarist Wes Borland somewhat confirms DJ Lethal’s return via tweet. So despite all that went down this past Summer, it appears that Lethal is back in the band. Granted, this news will probably only matter to those hoping Limp Bizkit were finished for good.

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