Ever Wanted To See Wes Borland Act Like Indiana Jones?

Posted by on June 30, 2011


If the answer to the question proposed in the headline is no, then…well, sorry. We got to see a glimpse of the Limp Bizkit guitarist doing his Indiana Jones impersonation at the beginning of the “Gold Cobra” video. We’ve also seen them pay homage to another George Lucas franchise. But earlier this week, the band released the video spoof Indy And The Gold Cobra II, featuring an auto-tuned Borland as Indy giving motivational advice while promoting the band’s new album.

We have to give Borland and Bizkit credit for having a little fun while trying to do last minute promotion for Gold Cobra. Plus, it’s more bearable than watching Fred Durst’s appearance on Chelsea Lately. You can watch the clip for yourself up top.

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