So Much For Ratt Being Tension-Free

Posted by on October 26, 2011

Last week, drummer Bobby Blotzer revealed that Ratt was currently in writing mode for a new album. This certainly came as good news for fans, since there was obvious tension amongst the Infestation lineup following a sudden hiatus. However, it appears that there may still be trouble in Rattadise.

In a recent interview with Legendary Rock Interviews, Blotzer voiced his displeasure towards taking a hiatus so that singer Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren DiMartini could tour and record solo material. When asked whether he felt their solo work was a “distraction” to the business of Ratt, Blotzer said the following:

“It’s a JOKE to me the way that these guys handle business.  We should have been working this past summer, out there touring or getting ready for the next record.   Those two guys took it upon themselves to basically refuse to work or tour, and then incidentally when Stephen finally gave in and decides ‘Okay, whatever let’s get out there and tour’ suddenly Warren decides he’s not going to tour, I guess to teach Stephen a lesson.  In my opinion, it’s all just really bad business and really petty.

I don’t think coming off a really great record like Infestation that this was the right move for the band to be making.  We did a record that was a true return to form, we had two Grammy considerations, top five album in Japan and Canada, top 30 in the States.  We should be STEAMROLLING right now and as far as Stephen doing a solo album, that is something I do not understand.  Stephen is a part of Ratt and our label Roadrunner picked up our option for the next album, I don’t think Stephen or anyone is able to release ANYTHING.  He shouldn’t be putting anything out unless it’s a Ratt record.”

While at first it would appear that the main source of conflict is between Blotzer and Pearcy, the drummer also reveals that his relationship with DiMartini has become “lukewarm.” He does, though, admit that everyone in the band is still on speaking terms. So while Ratt is still likely in writing mode for their new album, we’d bet that the atmosphere in the recording studio will be a little tense to say the least.

And you can’t necessarily blame Blotzer for being aggravated. Sure, Pearcy and DiMartini should be allowed to record music outside of Ratt, but we agree with Blotzer that doing that so shortly after the surprise success of Infestation was the wrong move. But hey, if all goes well, Ratt will be back for more in no time.

Update: Stephen Pearcy responds to Bobby Blotzer’s comments directly to Metal Insider via Twitter.

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