Ratt In “Writing Mode” For New Album

Posted by on October 18, 2011

Crack open a bottle of Ratt-N-Roll wine, because fans of the ’80s metal mainstay have reason to rejoice. In an interview with Rock Music Star, drummer Bobby Blotzer revealed that not only was the same lineup that recorded 2010’s Infestation still together, but that Ratt is already in “writing mode” for a new album.

When asked whether the Infestation lineup was still together, Blotzer said the following:

“Yes. And that record turned out amazing. It was critically acclaimed around the world. And on the charts here in America, it made it to #30. We also got a couple Grammy nods. So we were very excited and weren’t expecting that to happen. So right now, we’re in writing mode. And looking at a Spring release and Summer tour. That’s generally what everybody does. Hopefully we’ll wind up touring longer than last time, and at least do 6 months.”

This comes as good news for fans who were afraid that Ratt wouldn’t return from their hiatus. While singer Stephen Pearcy did say he hoped that the band would reconvene  for a new album and touring following a brief break, he also hinted at tension within the group. However, now it looks clear that Pearcy, Blotzer, Warren DiMartini, Robbie Crane and Carlos Cavazo will indeed be back for more (at least according to the drummer).

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