Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy Retweets Directly To Metal Insider Regarding Bobby Blotzer’s Recent Comments

Posted by on October 26, 2011

Earlier today, we reported on recent comments made by Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer. While talking to Legendary Rock Interviews, Blotzer voiced his displeasure towards the band taking a hiatus so that singer Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren DiMartini could tour and record solo material. His response hinted that there was still a little tension within the Ratt, despite news that the band was in “writing mode” following a short hiatus. However, moments after we posted our article, Pearcy himself responded directly to Metal Insider via Twitter.

First, Pearcy replied via Twitter to our posting with the following RT:

“@metalinsider Because Bobby needs 2 vent, it’s his drama. Those are his words, his thoughts on how things should be done. NOT RATT WD or me.”

When we asked whether he’d like to possibly talk more with Metal Insider about the situation, Pearcy replied with the following tweet:

“@metalinsider Here ya go, RATT to release a new record 2012. Warren and myself will begin to write soon. Meetings r positive, 2012 TBA .”

So there you have it. Though there seems to be a little difference in opinion amongst band members (as hinted in the first RT), Pearcy confirms original reports that Ratt will indeed be releasing a new album in 2012. And to think there were some fans afraid they wouldn’t come back for more. We’ll keep you posted if more develops.

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