Back in mid-January, Corey Taylor let it slip that he had recorded a song with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. This came shortly after it was revealed that Grohl was also working on a song with Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy and Warren DiMartini. While both collaborations sounded awesome, it was still unclear what exactly Grohl had up his sleeve. That is, until now.

As it turns out, Grohl is filming a documentary about the Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, CA (where many classic albums, like Nirvana’s Nevermind, were recorded). In addition to the documentary, Grohl is also recording music with numerous musicians using the Sound City Studios’ soundboard (which he actually acquired after Sound City closed its doors as a commercial studio this past May). Thus, both the Ratt and Taylor collaborations are part of the “epic jam sessions” he promised Rolling Stone when confirming the documentary.

While speaking to Artisan News while attending Zakk Wylde’s recent Roast, the Slipknot/ Stone Sour frontman not only confirmed what his song with Grohl was for, but also that Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen also appears on their collaboration. You can watch the entire news piece after the jump, but here’s what Taylor had to reveal:

“He’s doing a documentary about the legendary board from Sound City that everybody and their mom recorded on — everybody from Nevermind to, actually, [Slipknot’s] Iowa. And he’s slowly but surely gotten all these people together to make music on that board again. And he called me. He was like, ‘Would you like to do a tune?’ I was like, ‘Are you serious? I’m on a plane right now.’ And it’s really cool, because it’s me, Dave and Rick Nielsen on one tune. And I’m like, ‘Ahh…. Excuse me?!’ It’s just a huge check mark on my bucket list, let’s put it that way. And I’m really ecstatic. It’s a really good tune.”

It’s cool enough that Grohl and Taylor recorded a song together, but the addition of Rick Nielsen makes it even more unique and awesome. Besides Taylor, Nielsen, and the members of Ratt, the only other musician taking part in these “jams” that we know of is REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin (who actually was the first to spill the beans on Grohl’s plans). It’s also unclear when exactly the documentary and the recorded material will actually see the light of day. Most likely, though, a release date and more artists slated for the project will be revealed soon.

You can watch Artisan News’ entire piece with Taylor after the jump.