Back in February of last year, Ronnie James Dio’s widow Wendy revealed that she was putting together an all-star tribute album to the late metal legend. At the time, she confirmed that artists like Rob Halford, Dave Grohl, Lemmy Kilmister, Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach and Glen Hughes were either in talks or were on board for the album. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the album. However, during this past year’s Dimebash, Wendy told Artisan News that the tribute album is taking shape.

According to Wendy, all of the artists mentioned above are on board and she’s “letting them pick what songs they wanna do in the way they wanna do it.” While most of the artists have yet to pick which songs they’ll be tackling, she revealed that Grohl will be doing Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” and Halford will sing Rainbow’s “Long Live Rock N’ Roll.” Now those are two renditions we’d love to hear. Halford would likely sound awesome singing any of Dio’s songs. And while we’re not exactly sure if Grohl’s version will feature him singing or only performing the music, we’d bet that he’d do a kick ass version as well.

There’s no exact release date set in stone yet, though Wendy says they’re aiming to release it at the end of 2012. You can watch Artisan News’ entire video report above.