Massachusetts-based metal outfit Within The Ruins suffered a tragic weather related vehicle accident over the weekend. While trekking from their home state of Massachusetts, and through the grim and frostbitten wasteland that is my home state of Pennsylvania, the weather become too much to handle and they flipped and totaled their van, trailer, and gear they were hauling. “We rolled about three times from what I can remember and landed on the median. Our van and trailer are totaled.” said guitarist Joe Cocchi. On the bright side of things, nobody was seriously injured, but now the band is asking for your help, taking to the crowdfunding platform Gofundme for the effort to get them back on the road.

The band is asking for $10,000 to help them replace the van, trailer, and gear that they lost and get them out and touring. As we write this, they have already raised $1,600, and hopefully will be back on their feet and in warmer climates moshing in no time.

Within the Ruins had just returned to the states before embarking to California (from Massachusetts) to tour with Suicide Silence, Emmure, and Fit for an Autopsy, but have had to cancel the first two shows, in Santa Crauz and Sacramento. Despite the loss, the band fully intends on making it out and joining up with everyone else in Seattle for the third date on the tour.