Scion A/V Planning To Film And Record Meshuggah, Baroness, And Decapitated’s Tour

Posted by on February 22, 2012

One of the strongest touring packages to hit the road this Spring is without a doubt Meshuggah’s tour with Baroness and Decapitated. And late last night, Scion A/V Metal was announced as a sponsor for the The Ophidian Trek. As it turns out, though, the heaviest label imprint ran by a car company is planning to do more than the average tour sponsor.

In addition to posting an updated tour poster on their Facebook Page, Scion A/V Metal said “While we’re at it, we’ll have the cameras rolling and the studio mics recording. There are good things to come…” Granted, it’s not exactly clear whether Scion A/V intends to film and/or record just one show or multiple dates. For all we know, they could also be planning a special behind the scenes documentary. However, we expect that whatever they produce will be given away for free, just like with all of their previous releases. This also finds Scion A/V once again working with Nuclear Blast and Relapse Records, both of whom previously took part in the Scion Label Showcase series.

As we’ve said before, exact details regarding said filming and recording are still hazy. However, just knowing that Scion A/V Metal has something special planned for Meshuggah, Baroness and Decapitated’s tour excites us.

Update: Scion A/V Metal have reached out to us to clarify their plans with the tour. Currently in the works is a limited-edition 7″ tour vinyl (which will also be available for free download on scionav.com), behind-the-scenes backstage footage from the tour, an exclusive interview with Meshuggah, and a ticket giveaway. Despite previous rumors, though, Scion A/V have no plans to film a live tour DVD or any live performance videos.

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