Opeth To Tour North America In Spring 2013?

Posted by on December 21, 2012


This morning, Roadrunner Records released a video teasing some big plans for Opeth this coming spring. Using “The Devil’s Orchard” in the background, the video starts off with a rotating earth before landing on North America. Once the view stops on North America, the “O” in Opeth’s logo appears on top along with “Spring 2013.”

Watch the video teaser above, but it’s safe to say that it’s hinting at one thing: Opeth will be touring North America this coming spring. As you may recall, Opeth were originally planning to tour the States this past fall with Katatonia. However, Katatonia’s Anders Nystrom told us that Opeth mainman Mikael Akerfeldt pulled the plug on the tour at the last minute due to exhaustion.

No word on who might appear on the bill with Opeth or what cities will be included on this tour. Actually, it hasn’t even been confirmed that Opeth will be touring at all (even though the video above makes it seem rather obvious). Either way, fans can look forward to some big plans from Opeth in 2013.

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