Opeth and Katatonia To Tour North America Again?

Posted by on May 14, 2012

Last year’s Opeth and Katatonia tour was a perfect way for the former to kick off their Heritage album. With Katatonia’s progressive, ambient grooves leading into Opeth’s acoustic-based material, the two bands were a great fit for each other, not the least of which because members of the two bands comprised Bloodbath (or at least used to). However, if it wasn’t  apparent that there’s no bad blood between the two bands before, the fact that they’ll apparently be touring together should confirm it.

In an interview with KSSU Loud Rock, guitarist Fredrik Akesson let it slip that Opeth will once again be touring with Katatonia. You can hear audio of the entire interview below, but here’s some of what Akesson had to say about Opeth’s upcoming tour plans:

“Well, we’re actually gonna come back to North America again late September. We’re doing another headlining run. We’re gonna hit the spots we didn’t hit on the last tour with Katatonia [in late 2011]. And we’re bringing Katatonia with us again… And then after that we’re gonna do a European tour again, and then it’s Christmas, I guess. And [then] we’re gonna head out to Australia again. So it never ends. I think we’ve done 130 shows since the end of September.”

Nothing about Opeth and Katatonia’s future tour has been confirmed yet. However, now that their trek with Opeth and Ghost is done, we’re sure that an official announcement will come soon. For now, listen to KSSU’s entire interview with Akesson in the player after the jump [comments about the tour are made around the 25 minute mark].

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