Nevermore Drop Off Symphony X Tour

Posted by on April 11, 2011

Remember when the Symphony X tour was announced last year? With support from Nevermore, Soilwork, Powerglove and Blackguard, it was definitely a must-see tour that that give metal fans something to look forward to in 2011. Well, the tour got slightly less awesome when Soilwork was forced to drop off the tour last month, and now the tour is losing its co-headliner. While we don’t have clarification as to why it’s happened, a publicist confirmed that Nevermore is no longer on the tour. We should know sooner as to why that is, but it’s definitely a bummer. I mean, even with only Symphony X, the always entertaining Powerglove, and the perpetually touring Blackguard, that’s a solid night of metal, but it went from “OMG! I’ve gotta go to that” to “sure, that sounds like an entertaining night of metal I’ll go to if I can afford it.” We’ll give you more clarification when we get it.

[thanks to Matt Mommaerts for the heads up]

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