It’s been about three years since Megadeth hit the road with Gigantour, their very own traveling music festival. The three Gigantours that took place (in 2005, 2006, and 2008) featured stellar lineups, but we figured that at this point the tour was as good as dead. Apparently, we were wrong.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine was interviewed by the Metal Shop on Seattle’s KISW 99.9 FM during the Mayhem Fest’s stop in Auburn, WA last week. During the interview, Mustaine revealed that they are already making plans to bring Gigantour back in 2012. You can watch the entire interview up top, but when asked if Gigantour would ever return, Mustaine said the following:

“Next year. We just started booking that last week. We’ve got three of the four bands booked and confirmed, but we’re gonna wait until the whole package [is set] before we say it. But I’m pretty excited about that. I always thought the Gigantour is a really cool vibe, because it’s about the guitar playing. Now, these bands that are gonna be part of Gigantour [next] year aren’t shredding bands by any means, but I think they’re cool just the same. There’s really not a lot of great bands left to go out and tour [with] that are guitar-playing bands. Most people got afraid of doing solos — probably because they couldn’t.”

So there you have it, Gigantour is indeed returning and they’ve already booked a big chunk of the lineup. Mustaine also indirectly confirms that next year’s Gigantour, like the 2008 edition, will not include a second stage as did the first two editions. While it would’ve been cool to have seen Megadeth on another thrashers’ dream come true tour, we’re excited to see who Megadeth will be touring with on Gigantour 2012.