It’s been a while since Disney has brought down the hammer and banned a group from playing at it’s House of Blues locations in Disney World and Disney Land in Orlando and Anaheim, respectively. Just yesterday, when reminiscing about Machine Head’s The Blackening turning 10, we referenced them being banned. Letlive., Exodus, Skeletonwitch and Thy Art is Murder are among the other acts that have been banned from playing at the House of Blues locations as well. There’s never any official reason given, and the rest of the bands on the tour are always fine as well. Once again, it’s happened, and this time, the unlucky recipients of Disney’s banhammer is Every Time I Die.

The band recently announced a tour with Taking Back Sunday. From the get-go, the July 20th date didn’t have Every Time I Die featured. Perhaps in response to fans asking why they weren’t on the show, they responded with the following tweets. 

It’s unfortunate that Disney has banned ETID, as it’s not like the band espouse hate, violence or racism in their music. Maybe it’s just because “Die” is in their name? Who knows, but if you were planning on going to the Orlando show to see Every Time I Die and you’re not the biggest Taking Back Sunday fan, you’ve just saved yourself some money.

[via Metal Underground]