Machine Head Take Calm, Measured Response To Disney Ban

Posted by on December 6, 2012

For five years now, Disney has been intimidated enough by Machine Head to ban them from performing at the venues in their parks. In 2007, they were banned from performing in Anaheim and Orlando. And earlier this week, they were told that they couldn’t play Tuesday’s show (4) in Orlando. The reasons cited five years ago were “violent imagery,” “inflammatory lyrics,” and “undesirable fans.” What”s odder still is that Dethklok, All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder were still allowed to perform the show. Not that we’re trying to get any other bands banned by Disney, but this song and video doesn’t really fit in so well alongside “When You Wish Upon a Star.” So what’s a band to do? According to this post on their website, it’s “make an amazing shirt.”

We’re not sure if any of these designs are actually being sold, since they’re not available at the band’s online merch store, but we bet that many a Machine Head fan, especially those in Orlando and Anaheim, would pick up a shirt to show their support. And while Disney could come after the band for using their font and/or likeness of Miickey Mouse, that’s pretty unlikely. The tour wraps up next Friday in New York, and we’ll be scanning the merch booth looking for these designs.

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