Corey Taylor wants to expand Knotfest in the US

Posted by on August 14, 2015

When asked about Slipknot’s connection to Rock Star Energy Drink (they’re a sponsor of the current “Summer’s Last Stand” tour) in a recent interview, along with the dismal end of the Mayhem Festival, Corey Taylor spoke of possibility to take Knotfest on the road.

Said Taylor to Musik Universe,

“We’re gonna continue to do the Knotfest shows. Right now we’re trying to figure out how big to make them and how to expand it.  My idea was to do maybe ten weekends in different places—maybe five in the U.S., a couple up in Canada, and maybe one down in Mexico City. Just try to expand it like that, so people get the actual experience of it, and you’re not running yourself into the ground trying to chase something that it isn’t. So that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

Slipknot launched Knotfest in 2012 in Iowa and Wisconsin, went to California and Japan in 2014, and will return again this October in San Bernardino, CA. Slipknot are currently out on the road with Lamb of God, Bullet for My Valentine, and Motionless in White.


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