We  already know that Alissa White-Gluz was good enough to make the cut to become Arch Enemy’s latest vocalist, but just how tough is she? Tough enough to play shows with broken bones, for one. During the bands European tour Alissa crashed into a stage riser during one of the concerts. She has decided to heal without the help of any type of drugs, posting a following message

As someone who avoids drugs at all costs, I take a pretty mind-over-matter approach to physical pain, so I’m finding ways of coping with the pain on stage and keeping my body horizontal when off stage. Anyone at that show who saw me body slam through the fucking riser could imagine there would be some damage. But I’m a stubborn fuck and I waited a few shows before going to get x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests. The damage to my head, arms and legs is just bad bruising, there is no apparent organ damage and no internal bleeding. Unfortunately, there is a compound break on one rib and severe bruising around several others. Good news is that the pieces of the rib are well aligned to heal back in place!

It’s impressive to think that someone would choose to cope with incredible amounts of pain instead of taking medicine and on top of that, continue to perform. The bigger question is, was this a smart decision for Alissa because by playing shows she could run the risk of getting worse? According to her, she is slowly recovering and hopefully she can avoid injuring herself again in the process of destroying stages.

Alissa explained in her post “the doctor forbade me to continue playing shows… But canceling shows would hurt way worse.” Alissa has been a trooper and would do anything for the fans so if you’re an Arch Enemy fan, don’t worry, the shows will continue. Arch Enemy will be releasing War Eternal, Gluz-White’s debut with the band, in North America on June 10th.