Tour diary: Black Sheep Wall, day four

Posted by on June 1, 2015

Yesterday, the tour between fellow California sludge bands Black Sheep Wall and Colombian Necktie ended. As proud sponsors of the tour, we’ve been bringing you a tour diary from Black Sheep Wall. You can read installments one and two  and three with drummer Jackson, guitarist Scott and other guitarist, Andrew, respectively. As the tour entered rain-savaged Texas, we checked in once again with Jackson.

Not a fan of rain (although California could use some). It was pretty scary driving to Texas after seeing the disaster movie on CNN at my grandma’s house. We’ve actually been really lucky with weather considering the circumstances. Immediately after our set in Austin the sky was falling – which I’d take over any day than before we played.Texas is really humid but it certainly has some good beers, my favorite being the Texas honey ale. It almost tastes more like a beer honey than a honey beer. Yesterday we visited the Alamo in San Antonio. I guess Ozzy peed on it once?

Right now we’re in the car listening to Deafheaven. They’re good, but seriously – what’s the big deal? What am I missing? It sounds like a lot of other bands I’ve heard, all that really stands out to me are the lyrics. I feel like some bands get a random privilege to be beyond underground music- trash talk, touché amore, deafheaven. I’m being sincere when I say I think all those bands are good, I just don’t understand what really sets them apart from the countless other bands that are also working as hard as they do. From my perspective, mainstream culture still has an apprehension towards actually aggressive music, it just makes me confused to see certain bands succeeding that. Maybe it’s timing? Business strategies? Dare I say – luck? By the way, this is no correlation whatsoever to BSW, we’re beyond blessed for our own recognition given how few shows we actually play. Touché Amore are friends of mine and they do work really really hard – I’d even go as far as to say that they genuinely deserve their success. I only bring up the topic because I think there are also lots of other bands just as deserving.


It’s still a trip to me meeting people who drove 3+ hours to watch us. There are few bands I’d do that for. More than anything, it’s meaningful connecting with the few people that really are affected by what we do. I’m flattered and thankful to those people that we’ve met so far, you know you are!

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