Black Sheep Wall tour diary: installment 3

Posted by on May 29, 2015

On Sunday, the tour between fellow California sludge bands Black Sheep Wall and Colombian Necktie draws to a close. As proud sponsors of the tour, we’ve been bringing you a tour diary from Black Sheep Wall. You can read installments one and two with from drummer Jackson and guitarist Scott, respectively. And now, as the tour enters Texas, we check in with the band’s other guitarist, Andrew:

The past two days have been pretty cool. We had some extra time before our show in New Mexico so a few of us checked out the breaking bad house and a local brewery called lizard tail. The bartender mentioned a few of the regulars there like to mix two or three of their beers together to create weird concoctions, so we tried a mixture of all 14! Kind of like how as a kid you’d mix all the sodas at the fountain and call it a suicide, haha, it looked gnarly but actually wasn’t bad at all.

Yesterday’s show had moved from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City to Tulsa. Super last minute, but definitely a good call, we were put on the bill for a Lord Dying show. Met a bunch of new friends and some of them are even traveling to our next few shows. Rad! There’s one guy, Chris, from New Orleans who’s actually traveling across the country on his motorcycle and is gonna come to all our remaining shows of the tour. Really rad! An old friend, CJ, did an interview with us after the show and had some pretty interesting questions, keep an eye out for that. Everyone was super cool and we finished off the night with an awesome meal at Waffle House and a card name called Egyptian Rat Screw, or Slap, or Poker…it probably has 100 different names.

Oh yea, we had a big music discussion about the band The Ocean at Waffle House. Everyone’s opinion on their more recent albums vary but for the most part we all agreed that Precambrian was easily their best. How does everyone feel about Pelagial though? I personally think it rules and was fortunate to see it played in its entirety last time they came through LA.

Today we’re on our way to play Austin, Texas!

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