Today in Metal: ‘The Devil You Know’ by Heaven and Hell turns five years old

Posted by on April 28, 2014


Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. Five years ago today, Dio’s final studio album, a reunion with Sabbath was released on April 28th.

Sabbath’s reunion with Dio is still Sabbath, even with a new name. And it’s still just as amazing even with the new name. As far as comeback albums go, I would proudly hold this album up to compare it with any comeback album there is. The tone is extremely dark on the album. From the gate “Atom and Evil” is raw Sabbath power. “Fear” has my absolute favorite Iommi guitar solo of all time. “Breaking into Heaven” is a song that Ronnie shines above all on, and it seems a little bittersweet, considering it’s the very last track he sang on when it comes to full studio albums. “Neverwhere” is a very underrated track on the album, with a killer Iommi riff. “Eating the Cannibals” is an ultra heavy track with some fun, tongue in cheek lyrics. “Bible Black” has a ton of different elements and parts to it, and “Follow the Tears” has a great chorus. Plus, Geezer has a great, creepy intro to “Double the Pain.” There’s a bit of everything on the album.

I’ve always loved the intro riff, and acoustic solos on “Rock and Roll Angel,” but I think the song is pretty below average beyond those two elements. “The Turn of the Screw” is another track that, while I don’t think is bad, is certainly not as strong as the rest of the album. Then there is the fact that Vinny Appice seems so incredibly tame, and low key on the album. Vinny has come out to say that he was told he had to hold back when playing this album so…it leaves me questioning who pulled the trigger on that order. It’s certainly not Vinny’s proudest work.

Favorite Tracks: “Fear,” “Breaking into Heaven,” “Double the Pain,” “Atom and Evil” “Neverwhere,” “Follow the Tears,” “Bible Black,” “Eating the Cannibal,” “Rock and Roll Angel,” “The Turn of the Screw.”

There is a tendency for bands that were popular in the 80’s to make okay, yet not amazing albums years later. This album is NOT one of those cases. It was nice for the guys to differentiate Dio-Sabbath from Ozzy-Sabbath too, seeing as they’re both great, but very different from each other. If you haven’t picked this one up because it’s ‘newer,’ you’re certainly missing out. Yet another amazing Sabbath release, no matter what name they go by.

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