Today in Metal: ‘I’m a Rebel’ by Accept turns 34 years old

Posted by on June 2, 2014


Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. Today, Accept’s sophomore album, I’m a Rebel, turns 34 years old today.

This is the follow-up to Accept’s debut album. The first album had a classic rock feel, and this album is really not much different. The band developed a little bit more of an identity at this point, but they still just sound like lots of hard rock bands that were around in the 80’s. Specifically AC/DC. The title track of this album even has something of a punk feel too. Udo’s vocals are still powerful and very passionate. On songs like “Save Us” he really shows his range and passion. There are also good riffs, as expected of Accept all throughout the album.

At the end of the day, this album really does just sound like a German AC/DC with a few other influences, like early Priest thrown in. There’s nothing too overtly bad about the album, but even for 1980, there’s really nothing special about the album either. The classic/hard rock feel is strong, especially in tracks like “I Wanna Be No Hero.” If you like Accept, you’ll probably enjoy this one, but if you’re someone who only enjoys their hits, you probably won’t find much here. There’s also just a lot of filler, and two power ballads on the album. That seems a bit too much for me, especially considering the album is barely over a half hour long.

Favorite Tracks: “Save Us,” “China Lady,” “Thunder and Lightning.”

If you like classic rock, or hard rock, or are a huge fan of Accept in general, you’ll probably enjoy this album. However, it really doesn’t have an identity of its own, and borrows a lot of identity on bands that were heavy at the time. Even for what it is, there’s a lot of filler, and the shining moments are few and far between to me. Overall, I enjoyed their debut more than this one, but both are pretty run of the mill, alright but not amazing albums. It’d still take Accept a little while to get their true identity.

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