“Shitty P.A. System” Forces Megadeth To Cut Baltimore Show Short

Posted by on March 17, 2010

Megadeth’s 2004 album The System Has Failed is the best fitting title to explain what happened last night to the band, minus the political commentary. Dave Mustaine and company were forced to end their show last night (March 16) at the Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Maryland after only playing three songs. The cause of the short set due to a faulty P.A. System.

“We had problems with the P.A. from the beginning of the night. I went out on stage and I had said that the P.A. was a bit inferior to what we were used to using, and after the P.A. completely took a shit, we went into the dressing room, waited another half hour to 45 minutes, used the house P.A. and went back out and started playing again. And some delirious asshole decided that it was a good idea to throw their beverage over the [mixing] console, thus ending the concert,”

Mustaine explained in his Live Line audio blog that he recorded following the mishap.

Read the full transcribe of Mustaine’s Live Line audio blog post, as well as a fan’s full report of the night that was posted on the band’s online forum, over at Blabbermouth.net. You can also take a look at video of Mustaine addressing the audience above, where he really lets the owner of the venue know what’s on his mind.

Update: Megadeth performed a free show at the Rams Head Live in Baltimore the following night (March 17) for fans who purchased tickets to the shortened show.

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