Scott Stapp misses court appointed hearing

Posted by on December 9, 2014

The last we heard from Scott Stapp, he was looking for $480,000 to record a new album. Perhaps distracting from that was the fact that less than one week prior, he’d posted a stark video shot in a Holiday Inn claiming that he was broke and, for the most part, homeless. Stating that he’d been living in his truck and the Holiday Inn, he didn’t mention the fact that just a few weeks prior, his wife had filed for divorce. His saga gets sadder, in that he has skipped out on a court-ordered hearing to discuss whether he needed to be committed to a hospital for mental evaluation. Gossipextra.com reports that Stapp never showed up to the hearing. Since it’s a civil matter, authorities aren’t looking for him, although he could be held in contempt of court for missing the hearing, and he could be ordered into psychiatric hold.


According to Gossipextra, on Thanksgiving Day, he filed a criminal complaint against his estranged wife, claiming she was stealing money from him. While the divorce papers filed by Jaclyn alleges that he’d been using drugs, he’s denied that in the videos he’d posted on Facebook. All three of the videos have been taken down, and the Fundly campaign for him to record his next solo album isn’t up any more either. However, there are four campaigns to stop him from making a new album, and another one claiming “I just want to raise more money than Scott Stapp.”

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