For the Fallen Dreams robbed at FUBAR in St. Louis

Posted by on October 3, 2014

theamityaffliction-us2014Touring is hard enough without worrying about getting robbed, but that’s what happened last night to For the Fallen Dreams at FUBAR in St. Louis. While the band’s Facebook page hasn’t announced anything yet, the band mentioned it via their Twitter accounts, with guitarist Jim Hocking stating “We got robbed tonight outside the show in STL. Setting up a PayPal for donations. Trailer destroyed, money/computers/passports stolen.” Hocking also stated a picture of their van broken into on Instagram with the caption “How to break into a vehicle without smashing a window.” What’s more is that another band on the same bill, Favorite Weapon, also had their van broken into:

Last night in St. Louis, our van was broken into and robbed. We lost a couple of passports, electronics, toiletries, and a few personal belongings of sentimental value that can’t be replaced. Our friends in For the Fallen Dreamswere robbed also. A lot of their personal belongings, as well as computers, a substantial amount of money, and all of their passports are gone. If you can, in any way whatsoever, please help them out. They have been through so much on this tour already and this is just another devastating blow. If you come out to this tour, please buy some merch from them or even donate what you can. They are all really good guys and didn’t deserve this at all. Thanks for everyone’s support and concerns.

Members of both bands noted that musicians getting robbed at FUBAR isn’t a new occurrence by a longshot. In fact, it happened to Rivers of Nihil back in May. It led some, including Hocking and FTFD bassist Brandon Stastny, to hypothesize on Twitter that it might be an inside job. “Seeing a whole lot of ‘inside job’ talk regarding Fubar and bands getting robbed,” Hocking said “Can’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind.” Stastny joined in, saying “So, the security guard ‘stepped iniode to use the restroom’ and in that 2 minute time frame, all of our vans got broken into.” While the venue hasn’t made any statement, they are at least taking some action, as a Facebook post that went up a few hours ago mentions they’re looking for a security guard.

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