Some of you might have heard the controversy MTV is currently facing with their series Skins. It’s pretty much the next step for MTV’s transformation from music channel to teen pornography (with Justin Bieber music played in the background of course). However, you may not be aware that the teen drama is actually an adaptation of a British show of the same name. It’s pretty much the same premise though, with just as much awkward young sex and drug abuse in both. The only difference (besides a few plot changes and some actual nudity in the Brit version) is that the U.K. version has Napalm Death in it.

That’s right, grindcore legends Napalm Death will be making an appearance on the U.K. version of Skins. While the first question to pop into your head might be “how the hell did Napalm Death actually get onto the show?” you’re probably just as curious as to why they even agreed to appear on Skins in the first place. Well, in an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, frontman Barney Greenway revealed the following:

“One thing that bothers me about TV is the way that teenagers are portrayed. It’s down to the fucking Daily Mail’s war on teenagers. They stigmatise young kids and it’s bullshit. The thing I like about Skins is it gives a genuine perspective on growing up. That’s why we agreed to do this show.”

While the band performs an as-yet-unknown song live in the episode, apparently Greenway was supposed to appear more in the show, only to be cut out in the editing process. In the same interview, Greenberg explains:

“When the producers first submitted the idea, they had me down to play this Axl Rose type character. I told them we haven’t got our heads up our arses and there’s no way that we’d behave that way. I had a scene with the character Rich [Hardbeck, played by 17-year-old Alex Arnold]. He’s a metal fan and I tell him to think for himself. Unfortunately, they gave [the scene] the big snip by the sounds of it. It was a good experience, but I don’t think I could act my way out of a paper bag!”

While their appearance will be featured in tomorrow (February 3) night’s episode, only fans in the U.K. will get to see it right away. However, we’re sure as hell that their appearance will end up online somehow. If only this was a sign that the American version would follow suit and also feature some cool metal cameos. But knowing MTV, it’s not. Then again, I don’t know if I would even want to see Cannibal Corpse in a teen orgy. Would you?

[via Kerrang!]