Jerry Cantrell really holds MTV in high regard

Posted by on January 10, 2014

cantrellOK, so our respect for Jerry Cantrell has just gone up even more. We already gave him props earlier today for being a thoughtful gift giver (btw, we’re not necessarily condoning anything, just sayin’), but yesterday, Alice In Chains posted the above picture on their Facebook page. If you’re wondering what you’re looking at, it’s an MTV Music Awards “Moon Man” presented to Cantrell for Alice In Chains’ “Would?” single for “Best Video in a Film.” BEING USED AS A TOILET PAPER HOLDER.

For those that were around 20 years ago, “Would?” first appeared on the soundtrack for Cameron Crowe’s 1992 film Singles before appearing on the band’s best album, Dirt, later that year. Basically, it’s the essence of grunge compiled into 3 1/2 minutes. And while we weren’t aware that it picked up an award, it’s a subtle reminder of the times when not only was MTV still playing music, they were actually playing music that wasn’t disposable teen pop yet. In fact, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pearl Jam were among the other winners that year. As to what the channel has become, well, AIC’s use of the award seems to sum up their thoughts.

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