Ozzy Osbourne has had a long and successful career, and if nothing else, he’s persevered by maintaining his integrity and never selling out. Yeah right… Yesterday, we told you the Prince of Fucking Darkness was shooting a Best Buy ad with teen idol and Justin Bieber to premiere during the Super Bowl. Thanks to the UK’s Daily Mail, we now know what it looks like – absolutely ridiculous. It takes place in the future, a future where Justin Bieber still exists, apparently. I wonder if the Biebs had any more of an idea of who Ozzy was than Ozzy did about him? Sadly, Bieber is probably outselling Ozzy 10 to 1 these days, with the only consolation being that he’ll likely be relishing in obscurity five years from now. At least when they met, Tron getup aside, it looked exactly like one would expect it to: really awkward. Check out some other pics from the photo shoot here.