Get Ready For The “Danzig Legacy” TV Special

Posted by on February 5, 2014

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Mother, tell your children to not touch that remote because Glenn Danzig is coming to you soon in a new television special. With Mark Brooks (Metalocalypse) behind the directors chair, “Danzig Legacy” was filmed May 2012 in California and has recently finished up in the editing room.

The following was posted on Danzig’s Facebook:

We can finally confirm that all post work on the DANZIG Legacy TV Special is now complete. Director Mark Brooks (Metalacolypse) & Danzig have finished all editing & post EFX. Here’s a shot from the end sequence…We think you’ll agree, it came out epic!!!
Fangs to all who attended the tapings, wait until you see the final product, WOW!!! We will be posting different shots from the Legacy Special every week so fans can get a little sneek peek at it. Enjoy you Demon MF’s!!

Danzig last spoke about the special with Full Metal Jackie:

“The ‘Legacy’ TV special was an idea that was brought to me and it was an idea that Mark Brooks had; he does ‘Metalocalypse’. It was basically to do like a Danzig ‘Legacy’ TV show loosely based on the Elvis [Presley] ’68 Comeback special; it revisited a lot of his past and a lot of stuff. So we did that with the “Legacy” TV show, which is almost done now. It was performance pieces that I do, then there’s the band playing live, we do [songs from] Danzig, Samhain. Then for the Misfits thing, we did what Elvis did when he sat down with Scotty Moore and the Memphis Mafia and we just did them all right there live, sitting and everyone’s around us; there’s no backstage, we’re just on a little podium in from of everybody. And so we did a bunch of Misfits songs and Steve [Zing] was just playing on a cylinder or something; it was pretty cool. We were doing the ‘Legacy’ shows anyway around that same time period, so we just thought we’d put it on film while everybody was there.”

With Brooks in charge of directing, this could actually turn out to be pretty good if not entertaining. Until it premieres, we’ll have to wait for those sneak peeks coming soon to get an idea of what’s coming. Or just watch his guest appearance on Aqua Teen Hunger Force in the meantime.



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