Danzig Vs. A Photographer: The Battle At Bonnaroo

Posted by on June 12, 2012


Glenn Danzig hasn’t really had the best of experiences at music festivals. And unfortunately, his experience at Bonnaroo continues with that tradition. The singer was performing his “Danzig Legacy” set at the Tennessee festival Saturday (June 8) when he noticed a cameraman violating his “no photo, no video” rule. This upset Danzig so much that he actually ran off to the side of the stage mid-way through a song to confront the shutterbug and had to be held back by security.

A post by NashvilleScene.com claims that the photographer in question was their own Michael W. Bunch, who was apparently “photographing some people in the crowd dancing.” They also added the following explanation about the altercation:

“Mid-song, Danzig ran to the side the of the stage pointing and screaming before approaching security and then proceeded to run all the way past the side stage, almost into the crowd to ‘walk among us.’ As you can see from the exclusive footage above, security soon slowed his roll, and Danzig returned to stage after a matter of minutes. (More on the performance in Lance’s post.) Bunch told us that he was certain ‘Danzig was going to kick [his] ass.’ Awesome.”

Not so awesome, though, for Danzig, since multiple fan filmed footage of him approaching Bunch during his Bonnaroo set have made its way online. Granted, it’s hard to say what really happened from just viewing the videos (even with different angles). On the plus side, this isn’t the most embarrassing video of Danzig to end up online. You can watch one particular close up video of the altercation above, while more footage can be seen after the jump.


[via Metal Sucks]

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