Next month, Danzig’s iconic first album will turn 25 years old. Glenn Danzig is celebrating by bringing former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein with him and playing Misfits songs as well. And while the tour is selling enough to be adding additional dates, it doesn’t appear like it’s going all that great in Los Angeles. There’s a Groupon deal going on for the Los Angeles show, taking place on August 30 that will allow fans to attend for only $12.50, or 63% less that the price of a regular ticket.

It’s definitely a little odd to see the Elvis of evil performing at bargain basement prices, even if the show is taking place in the middle of a Labor Day weekend. Maybe it’s fatigue over the tour, as Danzig has been playing with Doyle for over a year and a half now. Either way, it’s a good deal, and likely the last chance metal and/or punk fans will have to see the Gibson Amphitheatre before it closes for good in September.

[via zenametal]