no stage diving

Today’s edition of “People Injured by Jumping Off of Shit At Shows”, is brought to you by a Bring Me The Horizon/Of Mice & Men show in Denver last week. According to a report from Reverb, a man has been charged with injuring three people after jumping not from a stage, but from a balcony.

Here’s the report:

“A man has been charged with three counts of third degree assault after allegedly jumping off a balcony and landing on concertgoers at the Ogden Theatre on Feb. 13, according to police.

“Alex McCormick, 23, was seen approaching the balcony at the Ogden Theatre during the Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice and Men concert when he allegedly jumped on concert goers below, causing head and neck trauma to two victims and minor injuries to a third, according to Lynn Kimbrough, communications director with the Denver District Attorney.

“McCormick then allegedly fled the scene and was arrested at 10:39 p.m., according to Kimbrough.”

Now, the issue of stagediving has been a hot topic in metal lately, with discussions ranging from lawsuits and even, sadly, to death. Whatever your opinion on the matter may be, one things is clear from this case: jumping from a balcony is a goddamn stupid thing to do unless you’re Hugh Jackman in X-Men 2. Jumping off the stage is one thing, but you’re guaranteed to hurt to someone pulling a stunt like that, and that someone will likely be you.

[via Reverb]