Since Mötley Crüe is supposedly going to be “retired” in the near future, the members of the band will need something else to focus on. for Vince Neil, that focus could be his investment in the Arena Football League. Neil has joined an investment group to buy the Jacksonville Sharks and has plans to move the team to Las Vegas. Neil spoke to the Las Vegas Sun about the team:

““It’s a great action sport growing in popularity with every game. There are some incredible players. I love the game. It will be perfect to have an AFL team in Las Vegas. I sense the city would love it. I know that I will because it’s on my home turf.”

Does this mean we’ll be seeing Neil’s team go head-to-head with KISS’s own Arena Football team LA KISS? I guess we’ll have to watch the new reality show to find out. That is, assuming you really want to know that badly.