New Version Of Static-X Already Goes Through First Lineup Change

Posted by on September 5, 2012

Well that was fast. Roughly two months after Wayne Static announced he was “reforming” Static-X, it’s been revealed that they’ve already parted ways with bassist Brent Ashley.

According to The Gauntlet, Ashley (who also previously was in Wayne’s solo band) confirmed the news via the following post on Facebook:

“Well I guess I’ll just let the ‘cat’ out of the bag…. I’m moving on from Static-X… tonight was my last show…. chapter closed. Wish things would have ended differently but I’m very excited for what the future will bring ; )”

Ashley also added the following via Twitter:

“And being the professional I am I wont call anyone out or point fingers as to why I left.. but if ya meet me in person.. feel free to ask ; )”

Now that makes TWO bassists not interest in working with Wayne Static. No word on who will be playing bass in Static-X on their upcoming tour. However, if Ashley and Tony Campos prove anything, it’s that being the bassist in Static-X is no easy job.

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