The Brooklyn Projects, a skateboard shop in LA, has unveiled the “Reign In Blood” inspired Nike Dunk High sneaker. The a video promo of the new Nike Dunk High sneaker, which is supposed to be inspired by the cover artwork of Slayer’s Reign In Blood, can be seen below.

After taking a look at the sneaker, though, we couldn’t help but ask one question: how is this shoe “inspired” by Reign In Blood? Sure, the shoe features similar shades of colors to the album cover, but how does that make it a “Slayer” shoe? Call us picky, but if you’re going to attach a band’s name to a shoe, it ought to feature the band’s logo and kick ass artwork associated with that group. In other words, this is the true Slayer shoe! In fact, there are many better examples of band related shoes (the Mastodon one still is one of our favorites). So sorry Nike, but Vans still has you beat as the best metal sneaker provider.

But be the judge for yourself and check out the promo video below to take a look at the shoe. If you’re too impatient to watch the video, you can simply take a look at a still image of it below. The Reign In Blood Nike Dunk High sneaker reportedly comes out in June and is rumored to be limited to 666 pairs (clever, eh?).