Today in Satan: Pagan priest wins right to wear goat horns in license photo

Posted by on December 20, 2016


Only in Maine, we guess. A Pagan priest in Augusta made national news when he appealed to the secretary of state for his right to wear goat horns in a state ID photo as a “religious headdress.” Phelan Moonsong is ordained as a Pagan religious figure, and wears his horns at almost all times, “except when [he’s] bathing or sleeping,” as he feels that they’re “spiritual antennae” that help him educate other about Paganism.

Moonsong’s ID was rejected by the state when he updated it from his given name to the one reflecting his faith, and it took an appeal to the American Civil Liberties Union, and a meeting with the Secretary of State to make it happen. “It should be no different than a nun wearing a habit, or a Sikh wearing a Turban,” Moonsong said, as the headwear doesn’t obscure his face in any way.

Luckily for him, the appeal to explain the religious purposes of the horns was all it took, as Moonsong has since resolved the case and received his fixed license. If this guy throws house parties, they’re probably something else.

[From The Daily News]

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