911 call claims Scott Stapp wanted to assassinate Obama

Posted by on December 12, 2014

Well, the Scott Stapp situation keeps getting stranger and stranger. We’d known that Stapp’s estranged wife Jaclyn and his sister in law made¬†claims that he sent bizarre text messages to her. Now a 911 call that Jaclyn has been released via TMZ, and it’s pretty insane. In the call, they say that the Creed singer is riding a bike around the neighborhood with a stack of documents he feels make him a CIA agent and that he “thinks he’s supposed to assassinate Obama.” In the call which apparently lasted 40 minutes, Jaclyn sounds legitimately upset, claiming that he’d been in and out of rehab, but he’d just gotten out of a mental facility and stopped taking medication. If the thought of Scott Stapp riding around shirtless on a bike claiming he’s from the CIA and needs to assassinate the president doesn’t give you pause, I’m not sure what will. That doesn’t even make sense.

Around the same time, Stapp himself made a 911 call accusing his wife of stealing his vehicle. That call is even sadder than his wife’s call. In that call, the 911 operator calmly explains that if they’re still married, it’s not stealing, even if she had his car and was going to sell it for cash. “I can’t believe in America that someone can take your vehicle, sell it without permission, and keep the money,” he says. It’s really more of a conversation he should be having with a friend or a psychiatrist than a 911 operator. He then tells her he’s on a bicycle. Police arrived, and after speaking to him didn’t think he needed to be committed. Presumably, this was right before he checked into a Holiday Inn and made those now-deleted rambling video messages. Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs.


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