Ghost must be getting tired of winning all the awards they’ve been picking up lately. We knew they won a Grammy here last year, which is plenty exciting, but in their homeland of Sweden, they picked up their third Grammis award (which is their version of the Grammys), following wins in 2014 and 2016. However, the rumors last week that band might be undergoing an entirely new lineup with the exception of leader (who’s most likely Tobias Forge) seem to have, if not been confirmed, at least given another level of intrigue. 

When they won “best hard rock/metal performance” recently, only one member took the stage to claim the award. And interestingly enough, it was a member in a Nameless Ghoul mask, not Papa Emeritus. What’s it mean? Is there a new Papa for real (and not just the ones they’ve been naming every album), or is this all more of a leadup to fuel rumors and keep the band’s name in the spotlight before they tour with Iron Maiden this summer and work on their next album? Maybe it’s both. 

[via Metal Sucks]