Source – BOOMSbeat

Maynard James Keenan may be currently playing with A Perfect Circle and streaming new music from Puscifer , but that won’t stop fans from asking about Tool. It doesn’t help that Keenan himself  said that Tool were indeed recording a new album over a year ago. Since then, any information doled out around the album is anxiously awaited by fans, and up for intense speculation.

While Keenan told The Pulse Of Radio that the album is progressing, he also warned fans to not read into so much, saying the following:

“We’re just always writing and it’s just progressing as it progresses. We normally don’t say anything about anything until it’s actually happening, because there’s a lot of people online that apparently can’t read very well. I put an April Fool’s notice up there for the album release, and it was this year, 2011, I said, ‘New Tool album, such-and-such a date, 2009, and everybody ran around like, ‘Oh, really, the new Tool –?’ God, you guys are dumb. I swear to God. You’ve got to read. Please, read.”

While fans may be too eager to jump to conclusions (even on April Fools’ Day), it’s understandable why there is high anticipation for a new Tool album. It’s been five years now since 2006’s 10,000 Days was released. It would stand to reason that a new Tool album be released this year, since the lapse between 10,000 Days and Lateralus was also five years, as was the gap between 1996’s Aenima and Lateralus. So it’s a bit of a given that people would jump when Keenan hinted that Tool was writing new material. But it’s ok, because no matter how long the wait may be, we’re sure it’ll be worth it. It is Tool after all.