Minutes before A Perfect Circle took the stage in Portland, OR last night (June 29), guitarist Billy Howerdel promised that the band would debut a new song. And sure enough, the band kept to their word. A Perfect Circle closed the first show of their Summer tour by performing a new song called “By And Down.”

Seeing how Howerdel recently said that it’s unlikely that the band will release a full album, “By And Down” may be the only new material we get from APC in the foreseeable future. Although, Maynard James Keenan recently told Spin Magazine that APC “might put out a track or two,” and that “The energy is good, so there’s always the potential for a future.”

You can watch fan filmed footage of APC performing the new song up top. You can also check out pictures and a review of the show over at Spin Magazine’s website.

[via Antiquiet]