EMI To Start Shedding Weight?

Posted by on July 12, 2010

EMI has been having a rough year so far, and is in need of desperate change just to stay afloat. Well if rumors are true, then they be announcing a drastic plan soon.

Hypebot is reporting that EMI is set to announce a plan that will move distribution, sales and some marketing functions to one of the other three major labels. It’s also rumored that EMI plans to outright sell their recorded music division (which includes Capitol and Virgin Records). In addition, the New York Post also reports plans for EMI to securitize certain publishing catalogs. In other words, they intend to give up a stake for certain catalogs in exchange for upfront cash.

While this should still be taken as a rumor, we’ve been hearing about EMI’s possible interest in separating the music division for a while now. While their publishing division is still their strong point, if it means staying alive for a little while longer then selling some of it is their strongest option.

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