Yesterday during an interview on radio station WSOU, The Damned Things/Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano was asked about the status of Anthrax. Nothing new was revealed, but what wasn’t revealed might be more interesting. Joey Belladonna still has to record the vocals for the long-awaited Worship Music, and The Damned Things will be touring while he does that. “We made a great record with the wrong guy,” Caggiano said, referring to Dan Nelson, who completed the album, then got kicked out of the band. And we know The Damned Things will be on tour for at least the early part of next year with the Jagermeister Music Tour.

When asked about the possibility of the Big 4 tour coming to the United States, Caggiano said he couldn’t comment. While taken at face value, it’s just that. But given Dave Mustaine’s not-so-cryptic writings earlier this week, you would think that Rob might  have nipped the rumor in the bud or denied it. Assuming Belladonna completes vocals on the album (which already has lyrics, since Scott Ian writes them), Anthrax will have a new album to tour behind this Summer. This could be wishful thinking on our part, but does Rob’s silence equal consent? Time will tell, but we’re not making any concrete plans for Summer 2011 yet.