Twitter might just be the online news community’s best friend, seeing as how we’ve been given so much to write about thanks to band’s tweets. Now, we get to write about Dave Mustaine. The Megadeth frontman took to his Twitter account this past weekend to tease fans of a “Big” announcement.

Mustaine tweeted the following on December 4:

“Droogies, a huge announcement is coming for next summer in the States and in Europe and the U.K.”

Soon after, Mustaine added the following:

“Just went through a couple weeks of hell arranging something special for summer. Stay tuned! We’re going to have some Big shows coming up.”

Maybe we’re reading too much into this, but it’s pretty obvious that these “Big shows” are referring to the “Big Four.” There has always been a demand for Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax to perform in the States, even more so after the six dates they did together last Summer. Thus, at least one U.S. show has always inevitable. The only issue preventing this, though, was scheduling conflicts. But if Mustaine’s tweets indeed are referring to The Big Four, then American and British fans might finally get the chance to see what they’ve only gotten to see on a movie screen, a DVD and YouTube. In other words, we may finally get to see The Big Four live!!

But this should still only be seen as speculation, as no official announcement has been made. We will update you once more is revealed (after we jump up and down like giddy school girls. Don’t lie, you will to).