Taake’s ‘Avvik’ blasts an artic chill on a sweltering summer

Posted by on June 22, 2021

Avvik by Taake is a collection of songs from the previous three split 10 inch releases that hit the market over the past two years. These include the splits with Whoredom Rife, Helheim and Deathcult. These were songs that really don’t fit on a full-length Taake release, but mesh well with the bands they share the splits with.  Fans, however, are looking for a full length CD version of these tracks and Norway’s Dark Essence records has obliged them with this newest release.

The songs on the CD are a bit different from those on the vinyl as they have all been remixed and remastered by Herbrand Larsen (ex-Enslaved) for this specific release. Tracks were originally recorded by Bjørnar E. Nilsen of the very amazing and underrated Vulture Industries.  


The absolute highlight of the CD is a version of a song you will find absolutely nowhere else, and that’s the longer version of the cover of the Sisters of Mercy’s song “Heartland.”  This track is worth the price alone. It’s a cold and desolate song that features, strangely, a rather warm 80’s style sax solo provided by Sigh’s Dr. Mikannibal. In true Taake and Sigh fashion, this is nothing like you’ve ever heard before and you can’t quite believe it works, but yet it does so incredibly well. You can’t stop listening to it. Mikannibal’s addition at the end of the song redirects the emotion of the song from bleak to glowing and it really toys with your mind. After listening, you have to wonder what a record of Hoest and Mikannibal might produce if the two of them were in a studio together.

Of course, not to be outdone, Taake and Orkan guitarist Gjermund (who also plays the banjo in Taake) records a hauntingly beautiful and breathtaking “Nattestid ser Porten vid I” from the black metal classic Nattesid Ser Porten Vid originally released in 1999. This is a very unique rendition of the black metal classic and it differs greatly from Hoest’s original that was created over two decades ago. Gjermund has become one of my favorite guitarists in the Norwegian scene.

01) Ubeseiret
02) Heartland  (with Dr. Mikannibal on sax)
03) Nattestid ser Porten vid I (acoustic version by Gjermund on guitar)
04) Slagmark
05) Ravnajuv
06) Brotne Bein og Mannefall
07) Ein Baat i Foss



Overall this is something fans of Norwegian black metal don’t want to miss. Taake has never compromised and it’s so apparent in these recordings. This is not at all black metal for the masses, and frankly, that’s the way it should be.

You can order Avvik here. It officially releases July 2, 2021 but if you are ordering from North America it might take some extra time. Like most Taake CDs there is a high likelihood this sells out so plan accordingly.


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