German avant-garde black metal outfit Farsot’s fourth offering, Life Promised Death, delves deeper into bleak realms. The long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s Fail·Lure moves more like a soundtrack of troubling times, which will cut through everyone’s soul on February 16th via Lupus Lounge. Beyond playing as a soundtrack for the broken, the album promises to draw inspiration from uncharted and unexpected territories such as grunge while executing raw, dismal, and harsh emotions.

Life Promised Death starts with “Nausea,” a slow-burning introduction setting the stage for the raw, unforgiving massacre, echoing classic black metal stylings with its haunting atmosphere and coarse vocals. “Buoyant Flames” charges forth with relentless madness before veering into poetic medleys and harmonious vocals. It showcases a blend of Taake-esque vibes and 90s-era black metal beats intertwined with modern twists, making for an intricate and captivating listen.

“Into Vertigo” unfolds like a dark narrative, transitioning between slower-paced introspection and grueling black metal onslaughts. “Chimera” melds jazz-esque and dark folk elements with harsh vocals and raw execution, creating a unique blend. “Stray Dogs” mesmerizes with hypnotic movements and chaotic riffs, blending black metal with melodic elements and culminating in a spiritual-like chanting finale.

“Descent” traverses a somber balladry to raging darkness, punctuated by shifts in rhythm and clean vocals. “Lost Momentum” fluctuates between heavy distortion and soft interludes, delivering a mesmerizing and relentless eight-minute journey into darkened bliss. Throughout Life Promised Death, Farsot masterfully navigate a diverse range of musical styles and emotions, crafting a compelling and potent experience.


Rating: 4/5 


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