The Parisian duo Alcest raised the bar on their new album, Les Chants de L’Aurore, released on June 21st via Nuclear Blast. With the curation of their latest offering, the group enhanced the intimate and spoiling tones of the divergent and pristine black-gaze genre.

The melodically enchanting behind-the-scenes video for this album displays their reputable artistic organization. Alcest held twenty-four years of significantly high standards on the level of eclectic display, keeping their fans deeply involved with the details of their process and progress. It is tough not to hold them on a very high pedestal for their transparency and loyalty to those who indulge in their work. 

As an attendee of their virtual listening party, I was privileged to embark on a deeply emotional journey with Alcest’s new album. From the first note to the last, their renowned designer elegance in melodic empiricism was palpable. This album, while consistent with their entire discography, holds a satisfying touch of emotional depth that resonates with the times, making it a meticulous capstone for their contribution to this year’s summer catalog. 

Tracks one through six bursts open with a whole body capturing cadence and varying energetic climaxes and end with the most peaceful harmonies. There are points where you feel graceful melodies of the richer, more grievous sort, and peaking vocal transitions that paint the most enchanting portrait of a fantasized afterlife. There’s an intense mid-section that feels almost war-like, and then there are songs designated for simply processing. 

This album is a must for anyone who enjoys music as a coping mechanism and is especially mandatory if you see music as medicinal. You can order the album at this location.

Alcest are currently promoting this album in Europe with a tour that includes Svalbarduk and Doodseskader.