1349 and Uada bring their aural hellfire to Baltimore

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1349 and Uada Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD – October 27, 2019

Decades of failed one-party governance and corruption in Baltimore have already made the Charm City a rather desolate and dark place. With that, chaotic Norwegian black metal stalwarts 1349 rode into Baltimore Soundstage with pagan Oregonians Uada on their recent Fall Tour to made the dark Maryland port city even darker. Georgia’s Cloak opened the show (which we review here).


Uada gave an incredible performance – their strongest I’ve witnessed yet. This, however, was in light of some of their gear being stolen from their van while they were onstage. Shameful. Clearly though, attempting to win over the crowd, Uada tore it up from the first note. They hit the stage and just didn’t let up one bit. As soon as the crowd heard the opener, “The Purging Fire,” bodies were hurling through the pit and sweat was everywhere. Clearly the Baltimore was more than charmed by this band.

Uada played their best known songs – which are, not so ironically, their best songs – and clearly gained many new fans with their provocative, yet nearly pitch black performance (making it difficult for us photographers!!). Perfect for the week of All Hallow’s Eve though.


1349 is guaranteed to give you a high-energy, ridiculous show. It’s like a workout. One of the fastest bands in black metal, guitarist Archaon seemed to have his work cut out for him in a nearly one hour set. His arm just doesn’t stop strumming that guitar. Yes, he gets to slow down a bit every once and a while for one of the solos you can find on the band’s latest record The Infernal Pathway, but essentially, a 1349 performance is a clinic in the art of fast tremolo and controlled chaos.

Speaking of chaos, drummer Dominator (you know him from his days in Dark Funeral), crushed it on drums in the place of Frost who wasn’t able to make this US tour. Don’t fret, however, because Dominator is amazing and he’s one of only a handful of people on the planet who can play Frost’s parts.

1349 played a nice mix of their new material with their older classics. A really crushing set that has American audiences finally taking notice. If you haven’t it’s time for you to take a listen.

A bunch of tour dates remain.  Most of these shows are selling out so get your tickets in advance!!

Uada Setlist:

The Purging Fire

Snakes and Vultures

Devoid of Light

Cult of a Dying Sun

Black Autumn, White Spring

1349 Setlist:


Through the Eyes of Stone

Sculptor of Flesh

When I Was Flesh


Enter Cold Void Dreaming

Riders of the Apocalypse

Celestial Deconstruction


Striding the Chasm



Abyssos Antithesis

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